Gas Service In Swansea

There are so many people who do not realise that the consequence of poorly fitted gas appliances can be fatal, even though we hear in the news about some tragic stories of people who have died as a result of carbon monoxide Poisoning.

Did you know that if you have someone to install or work on a gas appliance in your home, that they have to be on the Gas Safe Register? If they are not on the register, then they are working illegally in your home and putting you and your family at risk!

Gas services we provide:

If you have a Baxi Duo-Tec boiler installed with us, you will receive a 7 year warranty!

Please ask to see our gas qualifications and Gas Safe ID card at any time. Do not ever feel uncomfortable about asking an engineer to show that he is safe and legal to work on your gas appliances, it is your life, you have a right to protect it!

For your safety, please bear in mind that just because an engineer has a Gas Safe card, it does not mean that they are qualified and legal to work on any gas appliance. You can check which appliances a gas engineer is safe to work on by looking on the back of his ID card or checking on the Gas Safe Register website.

GreenTech also install Oil fired boilers, Biomass, Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps. Contact us now to find out more.


Gas Service In Swansea